Design Your Ideal Retirement With an Independent Living Community

Published: April 19, 2022

Thousands of New York residents save for years so they can retire. But it takes more than careful investing to achieve a happy, fulfilling retirement. Adult children may live far away, seniors can get lonely, and even the most robust people may need help with some areas of everyday life. Maintaining a family home can begin to feel like a burden, and seniors may find they want a simpler life that gives them more freedom in retirement.  

Age-restricted communities designed to provide seniors with independent lifestyles offer an alternative that attracts more retirees every day. Residents can make new friends, take part in dozens of activities, and enjoy chef-prepared meals. Retirement communities such as The Residences at Plainview include a choice of housing options, maintenance-free living, safety features, and impressive amenities.  

Cozy Apartments Are Senior Friendly

Moving to a retirement community doesn’t mean settling for one-size-fits-all housing. You can choose a community that offers resort-style living, including a choice of charming apartments.    

Carefully decorated apartments may have features like a terrace overlooking well-kept grounds. Residents who opt for independent living arrangements are able to choose floor plans that typically include one- or two-bedroom homes and studios. The cost of housing includes utilities, dining, and housekeeping to name a few amenities. Buildings are securely monitored at all times, and the front desk staff is available to meet residents’ needs.

It’s Easy to Find New Friends 

Many New York retirees miss spending time with co-workers and enjoying after-hours get-togethers. Without these relationships, it’ss easy to become depressed and anxious. Moving to a senior community provides a chance to create new connections and begin a new, busy social life. 

According to Senior Lifestyle, one of the primary benefits of moving to a retirement community is the chance for enhanced socialization. Spending time with friends who have similar interests can lower stress levels, reduce the likelihood of depression, and decrease anxiety. Seniors who spend time with friends are more likely to exercise, which helps to increase an individual’s life expectancy.  

Many senior communities offer a resort-style setting that includes dining areas where residents can gather for meals. The staff prepares three meals a day and can accommodate special dietary needs. Dining together provides an opportunity to see friends while enjoying nutritious food.

Seniors Lead Active Lives 

Residents of communities have access to a wide range of amenities, and there is something for every interest. According to Forbes, seniors have easy access to services and activities that often occur within a community. These can include movies, book clubs, crafts, tech classes, and options to make better use of a multimedia center. Group activities typically include card games such as canasta, poker, and mahjong.

Seniors choosing independent lifestyle arrangements have access to transportation and can participate in offsite activities such as trips to area attractions. Communities often host happy hours, poolside events, and cookouts. Those who enjoy spending time outdoors may take brisk walks along a walking path and enjoy beautifully designed gardens.

Amenities Can Rival Resorts

Gone are the days when senior living meant a sterile environment. Today, retirees often move to communities that are rich in features found in the finest hotels.  

Meals are served in beautifully decorated dining rooms and frequently include seasonal farm-to-table dishes. Community offerings can include indoor and outdoor swimming pools and the option to enjoy poolside drinks. Residents may choose to spend time at a putting green or limber up in the dance studio.  

Seniors might choose to gather in a bistro lounge or take in a movie at the on-site theater. They have their own library and access to free wi-fi. Amenities may even include valet parking and concierge services.

While not all communities provide these amenities, The Residences at Plainview offers all the above.  

Wellness Services Are Close at Hand

Living in a planned community makes staying healthy and reaching fitness goals more manageable. Communities typically include at least one fitness center that usually includes pools and a sauna as well as fitness screenings and classes.  

There is generally a strong emphasis on wellness, and communities may provide a holistic approach to health through various programs and amenities. For example, residents could join group Yoga and meditation sessions, dance classes, and massage therapy. The goal is to provide seniors with the chance to live their best lives.

There Are No Maintenance Worries 

While some retirees can keep up with household chores like yard work, many grow tired of the repetitive tasks. Instead of spending time the way they want, they are tied to household projects, Some are just not able to handle these tasks. Senior community residents never have to worry about home maintenance.

Communities manicure the grounds and maintain buildings, so residents enjoy beautifully kept surroundings. Since housekeeping is included in their rent, they can also skip many indoor tasks. 

Residents Enjoy Peace of Mind

Senior communities are safe and offer residents easy access to help any time it is needed, which provides peace of mind, and not just for residents. Once parents move into a senior community, their children can shed the nerves of worrying about mom, dad, or both. 

Communities are designed with residents’ well-being in mind and include accessibility features like ramps, flat thresholds, wide halls, and good lighting. 

Residents also have quick access to medical care. They can easily arrange to be seen by a doctor and schedule therapy sessions. There is always access to help, regardless of the hour.  

Seniors can also get any personal help they need. Even the most robust may need assistance during an illness, after surgery, or when they are injured. If seniors’ health needs change, they can transition to Assisted or Memory Care for more advanced help.   

The Residences at Plainview offers adults 55 and over a luxury independent lifestyle. Located in Plainview, New York, we provide a range of high-end amenities and services. Residents enjoy a safe, carefree lifestyle, tailored wellness plans, and easy access to medical care. If you’re looking for the ideal retirement plan, give us a call today.