How To Know An Independent Living Community Is Right For You

Published: June 6, 2022

Retirement is an exciting time for seniors. It means they are finally free to do whatever they want each day of their life. There are no more alarm clocks, bosses, or tiring work schedules to tie them down. Independent seniors want affordable housing and a better quality of life during retirement. A senior community such as The Residences at Plainview could be just the ticket to get them started. 

Lovely Apartments for Independent Seniors

After retirement, seniors choose to downsize to avoid higher housing costs, and the profits from the sale of the family home are saved for retirement. From what our senior residents tell us, their home was too much for them in regards to space, maintenance, and practicality. Also, they frequently tell us they were looking for a place that would allow them to socialize and prevent isolation. Our Independent Living community in in Plainview, NY is the perfect solution. Each resident receives a lovely apartment and a wealth of amenities and personalized services. 

Subsidized Senior Housing At Affordable Prices

Retirement communities are designed for different types of people; those looking for luxury and those looking for affordable living.  At The Residences at Plainview, we try to be as financially accommodating as we can. We have different types of apartments and arrangements that help reduce the financial burden but also provide the same divine atmosphere that all residents receive while living here. Like many retirement communities, we do not have any buy-in agreements; most retirement communities are month-to-month rent-based. Seniors  pay rent monthly, and  utilities are included in the rent. When you’re not worrying about paying outrageous rent and constantly thinking about your finances,life is certain to be way more enjoyable.

On-Site Restaurants and Meal Preparation

Retirement communities have on-site restaurants that offer a variety of cuisines that are appealing to seniors. The communities also have an on-site dining area for all residents, and meal preparation services are based on common dietary restrictions. At the Windows on Central Park restaurant, our residents are served in a large dining room with a view of our gorgeous hardscaped patio and pool. The ambience of eating great food is sometimes equally as important as the food itself.

Freedom to Plan Out Their Days

Independent Living isn’t the same as an Assisted Living community, and the residents have the full freedom to plan out their days however they like. Seniors who live in Independent Living communities do not require monitoring because of an illness or disability.

They don’t have nurses that help them with everyday tasks, and the residents come and go as they please. During retirement, many seniors want to travel and see the world, and affordable housing opportunities give them more of these freedoms and improve their quality of life. 

Yard and Lawn Maintenance for Seniors

Moving into a senior community takes tasks off the resident’s shoulders such as mowing the grass and general lawn maintenance. The residents don’t have to spend time planting flowers or creating landscaping designs themselves. The staff at the community take care of these tasks and add any plants around the apartment that the residents want.  

Freedom From Home Maintenance Tasks

Retiring seniors often downsize and sell the family home because the maintenance requirements are too costly, and they just don’t have the energy to do it all themselves. Moving into senior living eliminates these requirements, too, and the property manager coordinates any repairs the residents need in their apartments. The residents are not responsible for any repairs or apartment maintenance tasks. This saves them time and money and lets them enjoy life at a more relaxed pace. 

Opportunities to Make Friends and Socialize

A complaint many families have when it comes to elderly loved ones is the lack of socialization. After retirement, seniors might lose touch with work friends and spend a lot of time alone. Isolation is dangerous for seniors and is a leading cause of premature death in the elderly. A community for retirees offers a plentiful selection of activities for residents and lets them spend time together with others in the community. 

Recreational specialists plan community events that are fun and offer a relaxed environment for all residents. Parties and mixers are great ways to meet others in the community and gauge how well residents interact with each other. The recreational specialist  may also coordinate workshops and classes to help retired seniors learn how to do new things or start a new hobby.  

A new hobby gives seniors a great way to enjoy their retirement and introduce them to new people and areas nearby the communities. A fixed income limits what hobbies the seniors can take on, but this doesn’t mean they can’t find something that is exciting and economical. 

Transportation As Needed

Many seniors cannot drive at night and need help getting around. Through concierge services,  residents can be taken anywhere they want to go, including shopping and entertainment venues.

Community administrators hire service providers that are safe and screened properly. Residents won’t have to worry about unfamiliar drivers who could take advantage of them. Private drivers provide transportation services for residents, and the residents don’t have to arrange for a car through a mobile app. 

Review All Amenities Available

The typical list of amenities at retirement communities includes fitness centers, social venues, salons, swimming pools, and transportation. Many retirees consider additional services such as security and monitoring opportunities. But sometimes it’s not about the amenities, it’s about how you feel in the environment; the people, the culture, the sense of home.

A complete tour of the entire community gives potential residents and families a chance to see if it’s right for them.

Wonderful Homes for Independent Seniors

At The Residences at Plainview, we provide exceptional apartments for retired seniors who live independently. Our community gives them everything they need for a higher quality of life and to make new friends. Want to find out a new way to live independently? Come for a visit or set up an appointment.