Sell Now and Relax in Style at The Residences at Plainview

Published: July 23, 2021

You’ve probably heard ad nauseum that housing prices have soared to record-breaking numbers since the start of the pandemic. It’s true – just look around your neighborhood (or surf real estate marketplace websites and applications such as Zillow). For seniors thinking about selling and downsizing, stop thinking about it. Before you know it, housing prices will slowly come back down to earth, as will your chance to make a big profit. 


Part of this decision, though, depends on what you want next and where you’re going next. We’ll help make that decision easy for you as we explore how you can make an investment to upgrade the lifestyle you deserve in a Long Island retirement community among like-minded active adults. 

Resort-Style Living for Seniors

Resort-style Independent Living communities like The Residences give seniors unique opportunities that aren’t available everywhere. It’s not a typical retirement community and residents have access to far more amenities. At The Residences, we have social and relaxation lounges, three daily meals prepared by an Executive Chef, an indoor and outdoor pool, dedicated rooms for activities, themed parties, and all the same services seniors would expect when visiting a vacation resort. This is, essentially, an everyday vacation.

Imagine, exceptional apartments within a property that gives all the seniors everything they want in one place. Instead of buying a time-share for a vacation, the seniors get the same amenities by moving into a modernized retirement community. Seniors can evaluate the entire design by touring the community and viewing the apartment selections. They have access to spacious studio and one or two-bedroom apartments in a great community.  

Exceptional Dining Opportunities

On-site dining opportunities give seniors more choices when it comes to all three meals, and they are not limited to whatever the cook is making for everyone. They can eat any foods they prefer, and the seniors will not face the same limitations as standard senior communities.

The dining room is conveniently located within walking distance from the apartments and gives seniors an easy path to get to everything. Friends and family are also welcome to join residents in the dining room for any meal. 

A Car When You Need It

If you need it, parking is available at The Residences in our parking lot or garage. We can also assist with transportation services, but residents can arrange for car service if they are able. 

We routinely take day trips around the area to attend events or to spend a day enjoying the charm of certain cities and towns. In this case, we provide bus transportation and residents are not expected to drive or schedule service.


Concierge Services for Seniors 

Residents can get concierge services as needed, and the staff will manage any errands for the residents. If they need anything, the residents can call the concierge desk and set up simple tasks and favors as they require them.

Residents can call to request dinner in their apartment or send staff to help them. The concierge can also provide assistance for shopping emergencies or other requirements. Seniors can review their options for concierge services according to the services provided through the retirement community.  

Weekly Housekeeping

At The Residences, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll never have to clean again. Even just saying that out loud sounds relieving. Our Cleaning Team will make your apartment look shiny and new on a weekly basis. You get to decide when you’d like to schedule services. Laundry and linen service is also optional.

If the resident has a sudden cleaning emergency, they can contact the concierge, and someone from our Cleaning Team will come to their apartment immediately.

Where to Find A New Home

We encourage you to put in extensive time researching the lifestyle you’re looking for because that’s what our Independent Living community is about – a better way to live your life. There may be certain amenities that matter you most and we can assure you that whatever it is that you’re searching for, we always strive to make it a reality. This is more than a vacation. This will be your home.

The Residences at Plainview offers exceptional luxury housing for all seniors with various apartment styles. These apartments present spacious living spaces and large-scale apartment living opportunities. The community offers a wide array of amenities for every senior and ensures that everyone has something to do. You can set up a tour to find out more about independent living opportunities by contacting us today.