What Activities Help Seniors to be Active?

Published: February 15, 2023

As people age, staying physically active can be challenging. Staying active is one of the most important things for maintaining health and well-being. Some key activities help seniors stay mobile, fit, and engaged, including everything from organized exercise classes to more leisurely pursuits. This piece will look at various activities for keeping seniors moving and provide advice on incorporating these into everyday life. Read on to learn more about how an active lifestyle can benefit senior adults.


Bingo is an excellent exercise for seniors, as it fuels mental alertness and social contact with other community members. At bingo halls or community centers, seniors can come together with other people enjoying each other’s company while they play. Additionally, some bingo halls offer prizes that range from small comforts, such as candles, to larger cash prizes, motivating seniors to keep playing. A community for seniors often features regular bingo games to foster unity among older adults.

Book Clubs

The elderly are at a unique stage in life, and one thing that can help them stay socially, mentally, and physically active is joining a book club. A senior book club allows participants to discuss literature with peers while enhancing the senior lifestyle. Older adults also benefit from book clubs through improved memory recall, which aids in retaining knowledge and increasing mental acuity. 

Additionally, senior book clubs provide an excellent social outlet because members share ideas and fellowship in the spirit of exploration. As a bonus, reading has been found to reduce stress levels, keeping seniors healthier overall. 

Taking Art Classes

Seniors can benefit from independent living services that accommodate activities such as taking art classes. These classes allow seniors to express their creativity in a way that supports their physical well-being with stimulating social engagements. Art classes are fun and energetic and provide an outlet for thoughts and emotions through painting, drawing, or other forms of expression. Participating in art classes encourages elderly adults to keep their minds active while they remain socially connected and physically healthy.

Taking Walks to Stay Healthy

Regular walks are one of the best activities for seniors to stay active and healthy. Walking helps increase mobility, improves circulation, strengthens bones and muscles, and can also help improve balance and coordination. Walking is an excellent way for seniors to get outside, enjoy nature, maintain independence, and socialize with friends or neighbors. Taking regular walks also provides an opportunity for reflection, relaxation, and much-needed self-care. It can even help reduce anxiety levels which can have many health benefits.

Go Dancing to Get Social and Stay Flexible

One activity that’s both fun and beneficial is dancing. Going out dancing with family or friends provides an opportunity to socialize, meet new people, and keep the elderly’s body limber. As a bonus, it also offers a great cardiovascular workout. Music has been proven to help relieve stress, so it’s an excellent way for seniors to relax and unwind. Whether someone wants to learn the Cha-Cha or master the Tango, dancing can be delightful for any fitness level.

Consider Gardening

Gardening is an excellent way for seniors to stay active throughout the year. Not only does it help keep them physically fit, but it also encourages creativity and boosts mental well being. Gardening gives seniors a sense of accomplishment and allows them to be part of something larger. It’s the perfect chance to get in touch with nature while enjoying some sunlight and exercise outdoors. From planting flowers to growing vegetables, gardening is an excellent way for seniors to get moving, stay active, and feel connected with their environment.

Field Trips and Excursions

Field trips and excursions can be a great choice for seniors looking for an opportunity to remain active and make the most of their golden years. These activities can provide stimulation, positive social interaction, and a chance to explore new places. Field trips often occur regularly, giving seniors something to look forward to in their calendars each month. It is also a great way to sample the range of attractions in the local area while building up the essential strength and balance needed in life.

Furthermore, excursions allow seniors to engage in physical exercise such as walking or cycling that otherwise may be less accessible. All these activities allow seniors to build confidence while maintaining active lifestyles indoors and outdoors all year round.

Spa Days and Self-Care

Seniors can benefit from taking a few hours to pamper themselves and relax. A spa day is a great activity for seniors as it helps them to enjoy time alone, focus on self-care, and improve their social life. Getting massage treatments, participating in aqua therapy classes, enjoying aromatic sauna sessions, or getting manicures and pedicures are just a few activities that can help seniors stay active while having fun and letting go of stress. Specialized classes focused on seniors’ abilities provide a great opportunity to take part in relaxation activities while working on improving physical functioning and gaining mental clarity.


Jewelry-making allows seniors to exercise their creativity and work with their hands, which can help support mental and physical well being. Jewelry making also provides a great opportunity for the senior to bond with friends or family while participating in a fun group project. It opens up new avenues of income if they turn their passion into a small business. With some crafting basics, plus a few tools and supplies, elderly individuals will have all they need to start creating stunning works of art in no time.

Try Mahjong and Train Your Brain

Participating in activities such as Mahjong can help seniors stay physically and mentally active as well as help them build stronger connections with their peers, which is highly important for their overall health and well being. Mahjong is an ancient game of strategy that has become popular among older generations due to its many benefits. 

Playing a game like Mahjong allows seniors to exercise their minds and build problem-solving skills while also providing an opportunity for social interaction. This activity can increase cognitive ability and help boost mood, both of which are essential to staying healthy later in life.

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