What Advantages Are Available for Seniors in Independent Living?

Published: May 13, 2023

New York residents have good choices when it comes to independent senior living communities. A senior person or couple must decide when it is time to move to a senior living community. Selling their home for the best price will be important. Choosing the best independent senior living community for the long term that meets budget constraints and needs comes next. The goal is to find a good fit so they can be happy living in the new home. Why move? Let’s start with that question first.

Why Do Seniors Choose To Move Into Independent Senior Living Communities?

Whether a couple is living in the home they raised their children in or the empty nest home they moved to after the children were grown, moving can be hard. Every home is a place where memories are made and a place a person has grown comfortable in. It is hard to leave a place that has been home and start a new life. But, seniors have different reasons why they need to make a change. Some seniors experience health problems that leave them less mobile. Sometimes, downsizing and moving to a senior living community gives a person or a couple an affordable home where they don’t have to mow the lawn and shovel snow. 

Choosing Independent Living communities makes a lot of sense for seniors with health problems and mobility issues. Some seniors want to move to a warmer climate or be closer to grown children and grandchildren without living with them. Staying in a home might be getting expensive as repairs like new roofs, new appliances, or HVAC systems are required.

Selling the Family Home

If there is a good housing market, it might make financial sense to sell a home and move into a senior community where it is someone else’s responsibility to maintain the home. Getting help from a reliable real estate professional to market the family home is one way to realize the most money from a sale and finance living in a retirement community.

One way to make sure the home sale brings the most money is to get help to price the home correctly for the current real estate market. The seller wants the most money they can get while making sure the home sells quickly. Ask family and friends for help in clearing the house out of no longer needed belongings. Declutter the house and stage it to look more appealing to buyers. Go through the house choosing what furniture and other items will be kept and moved to the new home. Have a senior living community and unit chosen before selling the family home so there is a good idea about what belongings will fit.

One of the main reasons seniors delay selling their homes and taking advantage of an Independent Living senior community is the process of cleaning out a home, letting go of possessions, and then moving. Help from family and friends can be very important during this process. Having an estate or moving sale can turn some of those possessions into money to help cover moving expenses. Giving some pieces to favorite relatives can also soften the blow.

Some Benefits of Moving to a Senior Community

When deciding to sell the family home and move to a senior Independent Living community, it is good to consider the benefits. Some benefits include:

  • Moving to senior living in Plainview, NY, can provide a more stress-free environment. Since residents are all 55 and older, there will be fewer late-night, noisy parties and a generally quieter environment.
  • Health and wellness needs are more easily met in a senior community where there are onsite therapy services, fitness instructors, and nutritionists for seniors to use as needed.
  • Independent senior living communities offer an antidote to senior loneliness for those residents who are by themselves. Approximately one-third of seniors are living alone due to the death of a spouse, divorce, or other reasons. These communities offer easy socialization for seniors with weekly activity schedules and opportunities to make new friends.
  • These communities offer a lifestyle free from home maintenance, repairs, and chores that leaves more time to relax and enjoy life. There’s an onsite restaurant serving three-course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Senior housing is built to meet senior needs for aging in place.
  • Moving into senior housing reduces the burden on family members and provides living support for seniors living alone or who have no family.
  • Consolidation of housing expenses is a great benefit for many seniors.

For those who can afford it, luxury senior community choices offer many benefits to seniors and allow them to maintain the lifestyle they are used to. These senior communities might not accept Medicaid or other waiver programs for low-income seniors. Seniors can use funds such as personal savings, pension payments, retirement accounts, health insurance, or other personal assets, such as selling a home, to finance their independent senior living home. There is a good choice for senior living in Plainview, NY, to consider.

How Can Seniors Finance a Move To Senior Living Communities?

Not all seniors are able to finance a move to senior housing without help. They may not have a home to sell or a large savings account or pension to rely on. However, there may be help from private health insurance and long-term care insurance. It may be necessary to get help from senior assistance experts to find a senior community that is affordable and accepts the types of financial aid a senior qualifies for. 

The Residences at Plainview by Chelsea Senior Living

We are a luxury senior rental community in Long Island, NY. Our residences are located in a renovated former extended-stay Marriott hotel. We did our best to make residences that meet the unique style, needs, and personalities of the New York senior population now and in the future. This senior community was designed to be a destination for seniors 55+ who are looking for a home that provides a worry-free place that promotes fun, friendships, and a family atmosphere.