What to Expect in Independent Living Communities

Published: July 8, 2021

Looking to downsize while the housing market’s hot? Retired and looking for an upgraded quality of life? Independent Living communities are built for retirees who are trying to meet new people, socialize daily, and receive the pampering and fun that you deserve. As it was recently described to us at The Residences at Plainview, “this is like living on a cruise ship,” except with the added benefit of living close to family and friends.

Check out some of the fun we had recently at our grand opening celebration on our homepage. We host themed events, parties, and celebrations regularly here and our residents have such great personalities.

When you’re researching and touring Independent Living communities, take notes about the services, amenities, and maintenance of those communities. Read below to find out more about what you should be looking for.

Spacious and Lovely Apartments  

All residents in their Independent Living community, such as The Residences at Plainview, get their own apartments. The apartments are spacious and provide room for guests. All residents create their own interior designs and decorate how they choose. The Residences at Plainview provide living options that include studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, and residents are free to have guests over whenever they want.  

Free Maintenance Services  

We offer free maintenance services at The Residences at Plainview. All Independent Living communities should include this. Residents are not responsible for any repairs or systems maintenance tasks.  

Housekeeping Services for All Residents  

Weekly housekeeping services are available to all residents. They can set up cleaning services according to their schedule.  

This may include dusting, floor care, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and sanitation. Housekeepers decrease the risks of pest infestations and clean away germs and bacteria. Residents won’t face health issues and maintain a cleaner home.

At The Residences at Plainview, we also offer linens and laundry service. 

Transportation Wherever They Need to Go  

Transportation services are available to all residents. This allows them to remain independent and go wherever they want to go. There aren’t any restrictions on transportation. The residents schedule car services as they wish.  

Our Independent Living adult community in Plainview provides them with safe drivers. The property manager screens all drivers and reviews their backgrounds. The drivers take residents to doctor appointments, shopping centers, and visits to family and friends. 

Opportunities to Socialize With Others   

Retirement communities provide an abundance of socialization opportunities. It’s great for residents to meet and socialize with each other. Our first two residents at our community became close friends (Rita and Peggy shown during the ribbon cutting ceremony)! Forming bonds and friendships has a profound effect on your physical and mental well-being.

Doctors recommend socialization activities for seniors regardless of their age. They can improve their memory and enhance cognitive skills. Friendship and companionship are necessary for the elderly. It also gives them someone to confide in and someone to share life experiences with.  

Security for the Entire Community   

All Independent and Assisted Living communities are supposed to have on-site security. We offer 24/7 security at The Residences at Plainview. 

If they see any suspicious activity, the security official investigates and contacts law enforcement. They strive to keep all residents safe and secure. 

On-Site Services for Seniors  

At The Residences at Plainview, we have an Executive Chef and culinary team that prepares three meals for our residents each day. Each meal includes multiple options and residents can request something off the menu if desired. Chelsea Senior Living also has a dietician who helps create the menu and ensures that all foods follow dietary restrictions.  

Some communities have salons and barbers (a staple at all Chelsea Senior Living communities); there are spa services such as massages; yoga and meditation classes; physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs; fitness classes and more. 

Where to Find Independent Living  

There are Independent Living options spread across Long Island that offer different services and features that may or may not fit your needs. We consider our community, however, to be unprecedented. From our sports bar to our activity hub to our indoor and outdoor pools, there’s nothing like living here.  

Visit us. Schedule a tour or give us a call to learn more. Use our chatbot or you can fill out a form