5 Benefits Of Senior Independent Living

Published: March 16, 2021

Retirement communities offer seniors a lifestyle that suits what they want and how they want it all in one place. These communities provide a variety of services and advantages. 

The Chelsea has several Independent Living communities offering older adults a tailored wellness plan with access to medical and rehabilitation services. Each of our communities has its own story, but all with the same focus: delivering the ultimate experience for our residents.  

Retirement communities give the seniors a safe and secure home. The property offers a multitude of services and amenities that are exceptional for retired seniors who desire an all-inclusive lifestyle.

If you’re thinking about moving, here are five reasons why you should consider an adult Independent Living community today.

1. An Affordable Apartment for Seniors

Ever wonder what it would be like to live on a resort for the rest of your life? That was part of our vision. And now, that’s grown into a reality for several communities.   

Senior apartments are spacious and, as you’ll see with our floor plans, there’s plenty of living space for furnishings. Each apartment has free parking and the community also provides ramps and elevators for seniors who are wheelchair-bound or have mobility issues.

What you’re paying for, though, goes way beyond the apartment.   

2. Access to a Variety of Services

Fine dining, indoor and outdoor pools, workout rooms, lounges, media centers, and game rooms are among the many services offered at retirement communities. On-site dining is included in at all Independent Living Chelsea communities. Meals are cooked by our Executive Chefs and their teams.   

Exercise equipment in the communities is based on the needs of the residents, and some classes such as yoga and cardio may be available with access to trainers or instructors. 

Driving services are provided by the community for seniors who either cannot drive or have limited vision at nighttime. The drivers can take the seniors anywhere they want to go such as doctors appointments, shopping centers away from the community, restaurants, or to visit their families.  

Residents don’t have to worry about mowing their lawns or taking care of their gardens as a dedicated specialist will take care of that for them. From mowing and pruning to planting flowers and trees, seniors never have to worry about doing that hard work themselves.

3. Safety 

Our Independent Living communities prioritize cleanliness and security to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing and mask wearing is enforced, all employees wear protective clothing and are tested regularly, and all guests go through a screening procedure before entering. Our communities are in compliance with guidelines from the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our goal is to make all residents feel safe in their new home, and these guidelines allow us to do just that. 

4. Access to Healthcare Services

All residents of an Independent Living community have access to health and wellness services. 

At Chelsea, we connect our residents with primary care physicians, opthamologists, podiatrists, laboratory services, and pharmaceutical deliveries. Select communities also have partnerships with FOX Rehabilitation and Vivify Health.   

5. An Opportunity to Socialize

For many seniors, new friendships keep them active and decrease the risk of depression and anxiety. Socialization is a transcendent source for residents to improve their quality of life. 

Chelsea communities provide activities that help seniors spend time together and meet new neighbors. Seniors don’t have to face higher than average living costs when they retire. Many seniors choose to downsize and move to a retirement community. The areas provide the residents with a wealth of possibilities that improve their quality of life and offer plenty of chances to socialize. A review of the entire community gives the seniors a chance to find the perfect home on their budget. 

Interested in what an Independent Living community like ours has to offer? We invite you to schedule a day to experience what it’s like living at one of our communities. Schedule a tour, talk to our team, and explore our website for more information.