The Value of Independent Community Living for Veterans

Published: August 9, 2023

Independent Living is a very rewarding experience for veterans who are looking to downsize, increase their level of socialization, and be part of a close-knit community full of people their age. But it’s important to find one that connects with you or your loved one best. Here’s a list of what to expect when you join a senior living community as a veteran.

Promoting Socializing and Mingling

New York senior Independent Living communities emphasize priority on community and wellness. These senior communities are abundant with people who enjoy making new friends and participating in a multitude of delightful and interactive activities. Moreover, veterans may develop a sense of camaraderie with one another due to their military experiences and similar backgrounds. Strong friendships and lifelong bonds can be formed with like-minded individuals who understand and reassure each other. 

Assumptions of loneliness and depression are prevalent, but often not the case. Fortunately, staff and other community members are ready and able to step in and combat such feelings. Once a new resident moves into the community, they’ll typically make friends quickly. Over time, the excitement and enthusiasm of becoming a part of a new community will prevail and the new resident will settle into their environment and build new relationships.

Activities Every Resident Can Enjoy

This type of residential setting is never lacking in excitement. Residences, communities, or centers will have an Activities Director that schedules various safe and fun activities so residents avoid feelings of isolation.

Residents may take part in various activities like shopping trips, road trips, casino visits, card games, bingo nights, board game nights, museum trips, fitness activities, community dances, religious/worship service, movie nights, crafting, veterans celebrations, memory activities, meditation therapy, book clubs, music clubs, gardening, and cooking events. Activities make community living for seniors entertaining and exciting.

Maintaining Autonomy

These communities provide the tools and support needed for elders to maintain senior Independent Living. If the elder is able to bathe, dress, cook, and perform daily activities without help, they will be encouraged to continue until assistance is needed. However, if the resident requires assistance with their daily activities, the resident will need to transition to Assisted Living or acquire the services of a Home Health Aide. 

Welcoming Veterans of All Walks

Residents are welcomed warmly in these communities, including veterans of all ages. Furthermore, any veteran that needs help with medical needs will be warmly received in these communities. Residents can be rest assured that they will find a comfortable and safe environment when joining a senior living community.

These communities often include veterans who may have long-term injuries and need to utilize therapy services.  Additionally, some veterans use these communities as an interim setting between leaving the hospital and going home.

Touring a Potential Senior Community

Some communities may offer private rooms to residents, while others may share rooms. It is always best to schedule a tour before making a final decision about placing loved ones in a community. This tour will allow families to see the community for themselves and determine if they feel it is right for their family. While there, check the common areas, the activity schedule, and the food. Additionally, ask about visitor guidelines and what is expected from the residents and family. Be sure and verify how meals are delivered as some communities offer room service whereas others may expect residents to dine with other residents in a community environment.

Many families appreciate taking a tour of the community to aid their decision in finding the appropriate community for their family member and their needs. Each community will vary in its list of benefits and amenities, but most communities take great care to ensure the comfort and social capability of each resident. Veterans, as well as many other potential residents, may have a particular preference when viewing one place over another based on activities provided, the community layout, the number of veterans or residents with similar backgrounds residing there, and the distance between loved ones.

Encouraging Family Visitation

The staff understands that residents want their families to come regularly for social visits. This is their home, after all,  and the staff respects their rights as well as their privacy. Restrictions may be enacted to protect seniors and staff from public health hazards and threats, but residents will still have quality time to visit with their families when possible. Family phone calls are also an option, and most senior communities have established visiting hours or private phone lines in resident rooms.

Choose the Best Senior Community

Our community can help veterans and elders who need a caring and supportive environment to thrive. We provide a high quality of life and place value on every resident in our community. We welcome you to take a tour of our community and see what we have to offer you and your loved ones. Our communities bring residents fun, friendship, and stability in a safe and warm environment surrounded by staff who genuinely care.