The Financial Benefits of Independent Living

Published: March 9, 2022

When planning for retirement, seniors consider the advantages of downsizing and moving into a senior-based apartment community. For many of these individuals, the choice is a no-brainer, but it’s not always an easy choice for everyone. 

There are many financial benefits of downsizing; starting with getting an even larger nest egg from the sale of their family homes. However, there are more ways seniors benefit financially by moving into a community instead of staying at home. By completing a review of all the ways they save money, seniors discover a great way to save money and enjoy their lives more.  

Housekeeping and Laundry Services Are Provided

Seniors who move into Independent Living have access to convenient services that help them live a better life. Instead of remaining in their family home, all vital services are completed for the residents.

They don’t have to do their own laundry since there are on-site laundry services, and the residents have access to housekeeping at any time they need it. The seniors can spend their lives free to do whatever they want to do each day without having to clean their own apartment or do their own laundry. 

No Home Maintenance

Many seniors become overwhelmed with home maintenance, and their family home could become just too much for them to manage. A senior living community offers spacious apartments for the residents and allows the residents to decorate their apartments however they want.

The Building Services manager handles all property maintenance services and takes the load off the senior’s shoulders. The communities are a great place to live for a carefree and active lifestyle. The residents do not incur any costs for maintenance and can report any issues they discover to the Building Services manager directly.  

Landscaping Services Are Managed for Residents

Around the property is beautiful landscaping, and the residents can dress their apartments and balconies with any flowers or plants they want. The residents do not have to water the plants or trim any bushes, the landscapers complete all these services for them.  

Residents Don’t Have to Buy Groceries

Many seniors are on a fixed income and don’t have the money to purchase extravagant meals. And some individuals don’t follow a healthy diet because of the high cost of organic foods. One of the amenities that comes with living in the community is meal preparation for all residents. Seniors won’t have to worry about planning meals or going to the grocery store. The dining services team manages these requirements for the residents.

In many Independent Living and active retirement communities such as The Residences at Plainview, residents are provided with three meals per day in addition to snacks.  

No Car Payments or Auto Insurance Costs

Transportation can become an issue for many seniors, and at some point, they may not be able to drive themselves around town. At a senior community, residents have access to transportation to go anywhere they want to go, including visiting friends and relatives, doctor’s appointments, and trips to shopping centers. Since transportation is provided, the residents save money on car payments and insurance costs. The residents won’t need a car of their own and won’t face the cost of maintaining a vehicle. .  

Hosted Social Events and Recreational Activities 

Since there are social events and recreational activities available to residents, seniors save money on entertainment and don’t have to leave the property to attend a social gathering. Many of the communities offer entertainment and dinners for the residents. The fun activities that are planned for residents give them great opportunities to socialize with new friends and meet new people. 

Seniors won’t have to travel to different cities to see their friends, and the communities welcome out-of-town guests who want to come to visit the residents. Residents can save money and have a great time with loved ones and friends in the community.  

Access to An On-Site Exercise Room 

If the seniors remain at their family home, they may not live a healthier lifestyle since they may be alone too often. By living in a senior community, residents encourage each other to exercise and live healthier. Senior living communities offer exercise rooms with exceptional equipment for everyone. At The Residences at Plainview, there is a fully-equipped exercise room and fitness studio with classes such as Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga, and more.

Seniors can exercise at any time they want, and once new residents make friends with neighbors, they’ll have companions who push them and encourage them to exercise often. By following a new exercise program, residents stay in better shape and have fewer health concerns. 

Residents do not have to pay for a gym membership or go to a gym  miles away from their homes. Senior communities are exceptional choices for anyone who wants to save more and get the most out of a community.  

A Terrific Home for Seniors

At The Residences At Plainview by Chelsea Senior Living, we offer beautiful apartments for seniors with a wealth of amenities. Residents can live a healthier and carefree life in our community and improve their quality of life dramatically by moving into one of our sophisticated apartments. Families and seniors can learn more about community living by setting up a tour of the property now.