The Importance Of Fitness For Seniors

Published: August 25, 2021

Now more than ever, a fitness routine is critical for older adults. While the world was in lockdown during the pandemic, it became increasingly difficult to callous the mind to workout at home. The local gym had been temporarily closed and, for some, it became a mental hurdle to change their exercise regimen. For seniors, this can be detrimental, but there is time to reverse the trend.

This month, our Independent Living community is hosting multiple aquatic fitness classes, instructed by FOX Rehabilitation. In addition, we have a fully-equipped fitness center and a separate fitness studio. We encourage our residents to exercise daily to promote a healthy lifestyle.

From our observations and research, these are the benefits for seniors to improve a life full of health and happiness while also avoiding some age-related risks. 

Improving Strength and Energy

In a retirement community, seniors have access to a private gym designed specifically for them. The equipment and machines selected for the residents provide them with an effective workout and won’t place them at risk.

When choosing these items, the community team considers all risks presented to seniors. Strength training is a great way to improve the senior’s strength and energy levels. Strength is important for staying healthy and accomplishing necessary daily tasks.   

Better Balance

Improved balance is necessary for seniors, too. It’s been proven that as we age, our bones become more brittle and are prone to breaking upon falls. 

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise to help with balance. At The Residences, we offer monthly yoga and meditation classes. 

By following the right exercise plan, seniors will see major improvements in their balance and protect themselves against falls and injuries. 

Keeping Your Mood More Stable

Working out has a palpable effect on our moods. We feel good about ourselves.. While exercising, the body releases feel-good hormones, and they are not just natural painkillers but also mood elevators.

Serotonin can provide a more balanced mood and prevent conditions such as depression. Seniors who have existing mood disorders may need to exercise more frequently to achieve the right balance of these hormones.  

Decreasing the Risk of Common Diseases

Exercise can help seniors prevent disease. Heart health is a serious concern as we get older. Seniors have to be cautious of illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. It’s one of the major leading causes of death in the US.

Seniors who are at risk of these unfortunate conditions can change their outlook just by exercising and a great diet. 

An Opportunity to Improve Socialization Skills

Seniors stay healthier if they socialize more and cultivate lasting friendships. At a senior community such as The Residences, seniors are around people with similar interests. Our first two residents, Rita and Peggy, are now best friends! 

For some people, having a friend or a group to exercise with helps encourage a healthy lifestyle and a consistent workout schedule. With senior independent living, seniors set up their own schedule and exercise when they choose.

At The Residences, we also offer a variety of workout classes, such as Yoga and Zumba. Sometimes having a professional instructor is a huge motivator and also makes it fun for you and your friends. 

Enhancing Cognitive Function 

By sticking to an exercise routine, seniors can improve their cognitive skills and make their minds healthier and avoid dysfunction. 

Seniors that do not stay active could face a decline in cognitive skills, and they could develop a progressive disease such as dementia quickly and without warning. It is vital for seniors to do everything possible to maintain cognitive function and mental abilities.

Studies show that active seniors won’t decline as quickly after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. The statistics show that an active mind is a healthier mind, and seniors who exercise are less likely to need Assisted Living as quickly as they would if they become inactive.  

Managing Mobility and Improved Quality of Life

A senior must stay mobile to stay healthy, and exercise can decrease the frequency of arthritis symptoms such as inflammation and joint pain. Seniors will need to start low-impact exercises to improve joint health. Seniors who don’t exercise could experience more stiffness and decreased mobility. Exercises that strengthen the joints and make it possible to move more freely help seniors with arthritis. 

Seniors who are more active won’t suffer from the effects of arthritis. Exercise can increase natural pain relief and achieve better pain management. Doctors often prescribe medication to control pain, but the painkillers can present more difficulties for the senior such as addiction. By following the right exercise plan, seniors could improve their quality of life. 

Healthy Senior Living

The Residence at Plainview by Chelsea Senior Living presents seniors with an amazing community and gives seniors a home they can appreciate. The community also offers exceptional fitness programs designed to keep all seniors healthier and ensure that they avoid detrimental situations.

Studies show that seniors who are more active and exercise frequently live longer. By moving into the community, seniors have access to these extraordinary programs. Set up a tour now to learn about our community and how you can get involved in our exercise program!