What To Look For In a Senior Living Community

Published: June 3, 2021

Over the past year, seniors and their families have come to our communities and shared how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on greater urgency for either themselves or their loved ones to downsize in exchange for a major lifestyle upgrade in a daily social and active setting. 

As we welcome new residents to our brand-new community at The Residences at Plainview, we are delighted to listen to and learn about their stories. Some have just retired, while others have been retired for a while. The search for Long Island senior living isn’t easy, but for a 55+ community, we believe alongside our talented and friendly staff that we truly epitomize what retirement should look like.

We strongly recommend doing extensive research, but to reduce the time that may take you, here are some things to look for before making the move. 

Carefully Consider Several Options

Imagine this being the home you’ll be living in for quite some time. Take a tour of several senior living communities. Find out what they offer and make sure it’s going to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Some people are looking for a more independent retirement, while others seek senior care options. Either way, there are options to get the care that you need without having to sacrifice comfort.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

When you stop by to take a tour, never hesitate to ask questions. Talk to the people who are currently living in the community. Find out what they like about it and what they would like to see differently. If these are priorities for you, find out whether it will be possible to mix things up a bit. Learn more about the style of living and whether it is something that would be beneficial for you.

Consider the Level of Care

Everyone is going to have different needs with a retirement home. Some people are struggling with memory care, and they need a care worker at all times. Others are interested in a more Independent Living option. Of course, these needs are going to change over the years. It is helpful to find a retirement community that will accommodate these different needs. 

At The Residences, we only provide apartments for Independent Living. We have several Chelsea communities, however, that have Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, all in one, including our Suffolk County location in Yaphank. 

Talk to an employee from the health services team to find out what level of care is available. For example, some people need help with their medications, taking a bath and getting dressed as well as walking. Others can live in their own apartment, where they can enjoy a more independent lifestyle. Therefore, it is crucial to contemplate your needs. It may be beneficial to talk to a medical professional to get their opinion regarding what type of care community would be best for you.

Understand More About the Food Options

If there are any dietary restrictions, it’s important to find out whether they will be accommodated in the  New York Senior living community. This food should not only be healthy, but it should also be delicious and available when it’s needed. If you are taking a tour of the community with a parent or loved one, carefully contemplate whether this is a place that you would like to spend time with them. If not, it is probably time to move on and find another community.

Get to Know the Staff

When taking a tour of the community, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to staff members. This is the best way to get a feel for whether this will be a comfortable environment. It is also important to pay attention to how they are interacting with other people who live in the community. Everyone who lives in a retirement community should feel like they’ve gained a new family.

Understand the Overall Cost

Of course, the most important thing is to find out whether this is going to be an affordable place to live. Find out whether it is going to require a deposit or a lease of any type. Some retirement communities in New York will go on a month-to-month basis. It is also important to find out whether food and housekeeping are available. Is there a hair salon on-site (We have one at The Residences)? Be prepared to ask these questions when taking the tour so that there are no unexpected surprises.

Learn More About Activities

It’s important to find out whether this is going to be an active senior living community. If you are interested in a more active lifestyle, find a community that is always doing something fun. It is important to get exercise daily. Consider a community with a swimming pool or even a fitness center. It is also important to find a community that offers day trips to get out of the house and go enjoy the area. There should also be community activities such as games or movie nights.

Consider Taking a Pet

If you are someone who has a pet, there is a small possibility that your little friend may not be welcome. Find out more about pet deposits as well as whether it is possible to bring them with you. While we are a pet-friendly community, others may not be. 

Now is the time to learn more about different retirement community options. Think about what exactly you are looking for and come up with a plan to make it happen. You have worked hard your entire life. Now, it’s time to take a break and relax. Nobody should have to worry about being lonely during retirement. If your spouse has passed away, it may be time to consider a retirement community. This is a great way to avoid loneliness and meet new friends who are also in the same situation.

The Residences at Plainview have 116 senior living apartments for independent adults who are looking for a better way of life. These are beautiful apartments that have a fully equipped kitchen, concierge services, swimming pools both indoor and outdoor, a putting green, and even gourmet meals. This is a 55+ retirement community that will offer medical and rehabilitation services. If you are interested in a more relaxed retirement, stop by and take a tour today. We take pride in helping you to relax.